Making Artificial Intelligence (AI) Available To Everyone

With the Acumos platform, we’re working to create an industry standard for making AI apps reusable and easily accessible to any developer. AI tools today can be difficult to use and often are designed for data scientists. The Acumos platform will be user-centric, with an initial focus on creating apps and microservices.

The founding organizations include AT&T and Tech Mahindra. Others are invited to participate as members as the Acumos Project establishes its governance model.

“An open and connected AI platform will promote collaboration as developers and companies look to define the future of AI. Because the platform is open source, it will be accessible to anyone with an interest in AI and machine learning, and customizable to meet specific needs. We expect interest from organizations doing work with autonomous vehicles, drones, content curation and analytics, and much more.”

Jim ZemlinExecutive Director, The Linux Foundation

AT&T and Tech Mahindra are contributing the Acumos Project code to The Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation will host the platform with the goal of nurturing an active, large ecosystem around the project to sustain it over the long term.